The Capitoline Flora

Vagabond Antiques presents a 19th Century Statue of Flora.

This impressive statue depicting the goddess Flora is a rare survivor by the respected 19th Century makers Austin & Seeley.

The Capitoline Flora is a classical woman standing on left leg, the right slightly bent, extending right hand as turns that way. Drapery falls over right shoulder and across over left arm and down in vertical folds. Flower circlet in swept back hair. Sandals on feet which protrude from beneath dress. On rectangular base with shaped corners. Left hand missing. The original marble statue of 1.68 m is in the Capitoline Museum, Rome and has been since 1744.

From our research 2 statues of The Capitoline Flora remain in National trust properties, see the link below for further details.

This Statue is heavily weathered as expected and has some very old damage to the arms, the colour and presence of the statue is exactly how it should be for a piece of this age, in remains on its original plinth.

Height: 185cm Width: 45cm