18th Century Italian Commode

Vagabond Antiques presents an 18th Century Italian Bombe Commode.

A truly exceptional commode,

I haven’t owned one of this shape before but i have coveted them….

Its a magnificent shape with an accentuated powerful stance and delicate hoof feet.

This commode is built with the flair we’d expect in 18th Century Italy and was made by a very competent craftsman, being made in Elm and Pine this would have been designed as a more  provincial piece.

We have slowly and methodically bleached back the surface until we’ve achieved a beautifully washed and natural surface of the wood – making it perfect for a modern interior.

The Commode is in good original condition with its original steel hardware, we have replaced the draw runners so the draws run smooth, all ancient worm holes are treated too air on the side of caution and as with any bleached finished we have neutralised and washed it back.

An exceptional piece, ready for its new home.

Italy, Circa 1780

Height: 85cm Width: 127cm Depth: 72cm