A Fine Pair of Bronze Figures

Vagabond antiques presents a fine pair of 19th Century Bronze Garden Figures.

The use for bronze in garden ornaments in Britain has always been limited due to not only being expensive to source the metal itself, the high melting point makes the casting method again more expensive, thus making original antique bronze garden ornaments among some of theist quality and reserved for only the most prestigious gardens.

The 2 figures listed are a pair of enfants, are very well cast with crisp lines and good features, they probably would’ve been part of a larger bronze monument originally but sit well together as a pair of substantial statues in their own right.

The Colour is a vibrant green you only get on naturally patinated bronze.

Sourced from England, but probably French in origin, circa 1840.

These figures have been mounted on custom made metal stands for interior or exterior use.

Height 66cm Width 32cm